Wintertree, Germany


Last Sunday we walked our dog –  it was ice cold, with freezing fog. The ground was still green, but all the trees appeared to be glazed […]

Isar River Valley – Bavaria

Many people know the Isar River as the river cutting through the city of Munich. This section of the river is perhaps not so well known, as you […]

Bavaria – Winterwonderland

Winter in Bavaria. You may all know the ski-loops, cross country trails, snow covered mountains. Yes, that’s all scenic. What I almost love more about […]

Bavaria – A day by the river

31 Celsius, hot and steamy air. Where to go, what to do? You bet, we spent the afternoon by the river. 31 Grad Celsius, schwül-heiße […]

Murnau – In the marsh

Sometimes, I am so glad about living in such a beautiful angle of Germany. This afternoon we walked our dog through the „Murnau Marsh“ which is […]

Bavaria – To nice to be true

Yes, this scene appears surreal – but it is not. This picture was taken last spring near my hometown. We were cutting fresh flowers and […]